Movie Infos
Title: Jackass: The Movie
Year: 2002
Director: Jeff Tremaine

 A recent British study reports that beer is a source of silicon, a mineral which helps strengthening bones. Offering proof of this is “Jackass: the Movie”, in which a bunch of drunken Frat guys enjoy 15 minute of fame (actually, closer to an hour and a half) by repeatedly falling down, getting knocked out and smashing into things, yet somehow they’re still able to stand afterwards.

I’ve personally never seen the MTV show (I don’t have cable), but this kind of retarded antics seemed right up my alley. I did put Freddy Got Fingered on my 2001 Top Ten, after all! Now that I’ve watched “Jackass”, though… Damn! I’m stunned! Does this even qualify as a movie? How am I supposed to review this? Well, it ain’t boring, that’s for sure. Actually, at times it’s embarrassingly funny. Oh, at others it’s just disgusting and painful and sick but boring? Never.

Now, I could start spoiling every skit/stunt, telling you who gets hit where with what, what animal bites whom where, who inserts what up where, who shocks whom by doing what, but what would be the use? This stuff really has to be seen to be believed! Through it all, the main impression “Jackass” leaves us with is that Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee-man and company are masochistic, shameless and probably retarded. They’re like Wile E. Coyote meets Beavis and Butthead, and then some.

I personally fiund their antics entertaining, but I can’t honestly recommend “Jackass: the Movie”. Unlike Tom Green’s work, it generally lacks inspiration. Green might act like a lunatic, but he plays it straight and takes it to such surreal extents that it becomes fascinating. Here and there, there is that kind of second degree in “Jackass” (the segments in which they’re in old person makeup for instance), but most often they’re just doing dumb stuff and cracking each other up. Which is okay, I guess, if you wanna rent “Jackass” and watch it with your own drunken buddies, but the fall brings too many great films to spend 10 bucks on stupidity, however extreme it may be.