The absorbing tale of District attorney Jim Garrison, the man who tried to solve the JFK conspiracy. Relentless, he keeps on interviewing different people, trying to figure out what the hell happened exactly on that famous day. This movie is just great. The plot is always thickening and there are lots of unexpected twists. The screenplay is so damn well written. After seeing JFK, you can’t trust any form of government anymore! I liked how it starts with a 6 seconds event: JFK is shot dead. But then, the film replays this moment over and over, always adding new details, telling us about what happened before and after. There is plenty of witnesses and of people who knew people who might have seen or heard something. And it’s always riveting!

That might be because Oliver Stone is a brilliant director. Every single event remembered, described or even invented to prove a theory is seen on screen. You’re not watching people talking. You’re experiencing the stories they’re telling. Add to this some lightning-quick, Oscar-winning editing and remarkably sharp cinematography and you’ve got a breath-taking film. Flash-backs are used almost as well as in “Citizen Kane”. The characters are also great: Jim Garrison, Lee Harvey Oswald, Clay Shaw… And the cast is exceptional. Kevin Costner is very good as Garrison, but Gary Oldman is even better as Oswald. He’s an extremely talented actor and this role is very interesting. Joe Pesci, Tommy Lee Jones, John Candy, Kevin Bacon, Donald Sutherland and both Grumpy Old Men also have roles in the film. “JFK” is an excellent movie that really makes you think.