If you’re a snob, you’ll look down at this film, of course. But if you understand that this is a spoof and that it doesn’t take itself seriously, you’re gonna have a wild time. This movie confirms Trey Parker as the Orson Welles of absurd comedy (well, not really, but hey…). His best known work still remains TV’s animation sensation “South Park”, but you might have also seen him in David Zucker’s hilarious gross-out comedy Baseketball or in his directorial debut, the insane Cannibal: The Musical. Now we get “Orgazmo”, which he actually made a few years ago but had yet to be released.

It’s the improbable story of Joseph Young, a wholesome Mormon who comes to Hollywood to convert people to the Church of Latter Day Saints. He’d also like to find a way to earn some money to marry his fiancée back in Utah, and the opportunity comes when he meets porn filmmaker Maxxx Orbison (Michael Dean Jacobs). In Young, Orbinson sees the fighting skills and wholesomeness necessary for the starring role in the film he’s shooting, “Orgazmo”, about a superhero who saves babes from rape by using his Orgazmorator, a hi-tech device that stuns opponents by making them, well, orgasm. His puritan Mormon values wouldn’t allow this, but since he needs the dough and a stunt cock will do the penetration scenes, he accepts. Young and his movie sidekick Choda Boy (who uses various dildos as weapons) are an instant hit, but when thugs hired by the megalomaniac Orbinson mug G-Fresh, the owner of their favorite sushi bar, they decide to do the right thing and really become super-heroes.

You could think of this movie as a cross between “Boogie Nights” and the old “Batman” series. That adds up to an insane movie, but also a riotously funny one that happen to be surprisingly well directed. It’s fast-paced, the over-the-top Shaw brothers-style fight scenes kick ass, the sets and costumes are colorful, the cheesy score is hilarious (I especially love “Now You’re a Man”, the ‘80s-style theme that would have been right at home on the Rocky IV soundtrack!) and the cheap-ass special FX are real fun. Like “South Park”, the film also packs tons of grotesque moments, as well as many subtle side jokes and references.

As for the acting, it’s corny but it goes with the spirit of the film. Trey Parker is a natural born lead actor. He’s got impeccable comic timing, he’s charismatic and somewhat surprisingly, there’s sincerity to his interpretation: he brings to the film some welcomed innocence. His “South Park” partner-in-crime Matt Stone can also be seen as a Dave, a weird set photographer with a ridiculous mullet and mustache. There’s also the wimpy but talented character actor Dian Bachar (who’s also at Parker’s side in “Cannibal” and “Baseketball”), very funny as Choda Boy. And then there’s all the freaky porn stars, like Neutered Man, Sancho, the Assfuck Twins, T-Rex, the old D.V.D.A. lady and even the legendary Ron Jeremy! They all contribute to making this one hilarious flick.