“She says the jungle… it just came alive and took him.”

A shot of outer-space. Someone, something is arriving on Earth. Dutch’s also landing, but from an helicopter, not a spaceship. Dutch’s a real man’s man, masterfully played by the always great Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rough beard, sharp haircut, huge muscles and a big cigar in mouth, Dutch is the kind of character Schwarzie was born to play. He’s very similar to Colonel John Matrix, his best role. In fact, “Predator” could be a prequel to “Commando”, in which Matrix’s the retired leader of a special ops strike force. Dutch is like Matrix before he retired. Anyway, Dutch gets out of the helicopter and enters one of the army’s installations. He goes up to his old friend and superior, Dillon, played by the excellent Carl Weathers, who starred in the underrated “Action Jackson” but is mostly known for his portrayal of Appollo Creed in the “Rocky” movies. They bond and exchange macho comments, then Weathers briefs Dutch on his assignment. His team has to find two Officers held by guerrillas deep in the Central American jungle.

“The only way outta here is that valley that leads to the east. But I wouldn’t wish that on a broke-dick dog. “

Dillon then accompanies Dutch and his mercenaries to their mission. They get on a big ass Army chopper. Everyone on the plane is extremely cool. Schwarzie and Weathers are the biggest names, but the rest of the cast is also great. Bill Duke (Cooke in “Commando”) plays another bald and black stud, Mac. Minnesota Governor and former wrestler Jesse Ventura is one of the coolest as Blain, the vulgar, tough and macho redneck who loves firing huge guns and chewing tobacco. Billy is a tough and brave Native American, then there’s strong Latino Poncho and Hawkins, who’s the only guy on the team with no muscles. Why? Because he’s played by Shane Black, who created the “Lethal Weapon” franchise which made millions for Joel Silver. Silver also produced “Predator” and I guess he figured he owed Black one so he let him play with the big boys.

“I ain’t got time to bleed.”

“Predator” was written by Jim and John Thomas, who came up with a simple yet riveting story, hilarious badass dialogue and some of the coolest characters ever seen in action cinema. There’s something else really interesting. At one point, what began as a war movie turns into a gory sci-fi extravaganza. The alien we saw in the opening is on a hunting trip in the jungle. One by one, he kills all the members of the rescue team. It gives us the opportunity to experience many great action scenes as well as some moving scenes of male bonding. Blain’s death and Mac’s vow of revenge are unforgettable moments. After the Predator’s series of executions, he must confront the only man who might defeat him: Dutch. Then begins an intense showdown between Space’s best hunter and Earth’s best fighter. Their confrontation is inventive and exciting. It concludes perfectly this movie, which is better than “Alien” and “Rambo” put together.

“If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

“Predator” has an excellent score, gorgeous cinematography, impressive FX and a brilliant director, John McTiernan, who also directed another ’80s classic, “Die Hard”. I love his visual style and the way he puts action scenes together. This is one of the best American action movies I’ve seen, and one of my favorites whatsoever. If you like movies, you’ll love “Predator”!