This is the third collaboration between action superstar Jackie Chan and director Stanley Tong. Their first film together was the explosive “Supercop”, a film in which Chan gets into lots of stunts, does some dumb humor, and bonds with the impressive Michelle Khan. This ain’t Chan’s best flick, but the finale, a 15 minute car/motorcycle/train/helicopter chase is a must-see. Then, there’s “Jackie Chan’s First Strike”, an action-packed worldwide adventure à la James Bond in which Chan snowboards, beats up guys with brooms and ladders, escapes a shark, sings bare-assed and bonds with a koala.

Now in “Rumble”, Chan arrives in New York to help with his oncle’s store. He must face street thugs and mobters in a series of out-of-this-world fights and death-defying stunts. The plots is dopey as usual, the acting is dreadful and the humor ain’t very subtle, but at least, Tong has a talent at crafting fast-paced action scenes. Plus, Chan is extremely likable and he fights like a God! There’s one brilliant sequence in which he defeats more than thirty guys at a times by running around a warehouse and using old TVs, shopping karts and other household objects as weapons. It’s undeniably one of the most impressive action scenes ever seen on screen. Chan is definitevely a dude to discover.