This independent hit movie is good, real good. It’s about a guy who broke up with his long time girlfriend 6 months ago. Now, he lives in LA. With his swinging buddies, he tries to find work and love. What’s great about this film is that it’s totally original. Usually, in Gen X movies, the characters are losers, clerks, mallrats and other misfits with no ambition. In “Swingers” though, we meet some really cool dudes. They’re a bunch of guys who strut through nightclubs, parties and casinos in order to find some beautiful babies. They have their own method worked out to seduce the ladies. Jon Favreau wrote a screenplay that’s inventive, smart and very funny. I related a lot to the story. There’s nothing I want more than becoming big in Hollywood and meeting some groovy girls. I loved the hilarious situations, hip dialogues, the side jokes and the cool references to films such as “GoodFellas” and “Reservoir Dogs”.

Doug Liman’s direction is brilliant. Most small films look kinda cheap. Not “Swingers”. It’s flashy, stylish and rockin’, and it’s full of original cinematography. Some sequences look extremely cool. In fact, Liman is a better director than Kevin Smith. Smith’s a better, funnier screenwriter than Favreau, but Liman’s a better director. Because of that among other things, I preferred “Swingers” to “Clerks”. The music is awesome too in “Swingers”. It’s mostly a mix of lounge music, crooner songs and other cool sounds. The cast is excellent. Every Swinger has a lot of personality and they’re all very funny, especially Vince Vaughn in a starmaking performance. “Swingers” is really money: don’t miss it!