This is without any doubt one of the grossest movies I’ve ever seen. Yet, it’s extremely funny, and, surprise, even insightful and witty! To give you an idea, think of a John Waters movie with a taste of Saturday Night Live and a dash of romance. The movie was directed by the Farrelly brothers, who gave us the Jim Carrey vehicle “Dumb and Dumber” and the bowling / Amish epic “Kingpin”. And now comes their best film, “There’s Something About Mary”.

First of all, I admit it, I love Cameron Diaz. She never has been as hot as she is here. I couldn’t help but approve audibly each time she hit the screen, to the point where a girl sitting nearby told me to “use my hand and shut up”! Diaz stars as Mary, every guy’s dream girl: drop-dead gorgeous, smart and as fun as it gets. Ben Stiller plays Ted, a shy guy who’s been in love with her since their first and only date in high school, some 13 years ago. Ted lost track of her then, but now, he’s about to meet with her again. He hired some creepy guy to track her down, played by Matt Dillon.

I don’t want to spoil the film’s pleasure, so I won’t even mention the many other freaky characters, the unexpected twists nor any of the gags. Let’s just say that if you don’t laugh your ass off during this film, something’s really wrong with you! Yes, the humor is vulgar and way politically incorrect, but I don’t remember ever reacting so loudly to a movie. I wasn’t just laughing, I was howling like a madman, like the rest of the audience. You won’t believe some of the stuff shown on screen!

I found the film’s take on obsessive love thought-provoking, too. As for the direction, it’s pretty good for the genre. The film wouldn’t win an Oscar, but it’s still well crafted. Anyway, don’t you miss this one, definitively the funniest comedy in a long time.