Movie Infos
Title: Valley Girl
Year: 1983
Director: Martha Coolidge
Nicolas Cage
Deborah Foreman
Frederic Forrest
Lee Purcell
Colleen Camp

Long after Romeo & Juliet, another pair of star-crossed lovers doomed from the start love as their peers try to call the whole thing off. And, hey, it’s 1983! Hence, everyone’s wearing odd hairdos and ridiculous clothes and high school life ain’t quite the same. One of the most representative kind of teenager is the Valley Girl. Julie and her friends are Vals, big time! These airheaded, shopping-obsessed, spoiled girls living in California’s San Fernando Valley are mostly known for the funny way they talk. Like, ohmigod! Fer sure, like, totally! Frank Zappa and his daughter immortalized the Valley Girl with a hit record, and this film does the same for cinema. The actresses really nail the character. It’s just hilarious! The title character is played by Deborah Foreman, who’s fun and cute. She’s all Val, yet she ain’t as dumb as her friends. She goes out with a popular stud named Tommy (Michael Bowen), but she’s kinda tired of his arrogant attitude. Then, one day, she comes across a mysterious dude at the beach: Randy, a goofy-haired punker from the Hollywood Hills. She really digs him, and before long, they’re together. It might really be true love, but there’s a problem. Randy and Julie come from really different cliques. Julie hangs in the Valley, from the mall to a bunch of bright and clean parties, while Randy drives around more modest ‘hoods and go boozing in New Wave bars. Can they stick together despite their differences?

Okay, that’s a dopey, probably overseen plot. Still, it’s an enjoyable flick, and it’s often real funny. And man, I love the whole 80s thing! On the filmmaking side, the film doesn’t have as much style and depth as the John Hughes movies, but it’s still better than those awful Troma teen sex romps. I also love the soundtrack, featuring music by Eddie Grant, Men At Work and many other one-hit wonders from the 80s. Yet, the coolest thing about the picture is that it’s the starring debut of the awesome Nicolas Cage. He’s so cool as Randy! It’s far from being his best film, but it’s still hysterical to see him with punk hair, New Wave clothes and, most of all, chest hair shaved in a weird little triangle. And man, ain’t he charming, cool and funny? You bet your fur! We can already see what a kick ass actor he is. So, if you’re looking for a light yet entertaining 80s teen flick but you’ve already seen the classics (“Fast Times”, “Breakfast Club”, “Ferris Bueller”), well you should definitively check this one out.