Oh Man! This film is so cheesy, but in a fun, entertaining way. It’s hard to believe it wasn’t made by Troma, it’s just so… Okay, just let me summarize the story and you’ll understand. You got Wyatt and Gary, two absolute geeks. They’re outcasts at highschool, and there’s no way a girl would even look at them. Jocks like Ian and Max keep bugging them, but that’s nothing compared to Chet, Wyatt’s redneck brother. One week-end that they’re home alone, they get the crazy idea of creating a perfect woman à la Frankeinstein, with the help of their cheapie PC. Somehow, they achieve to create Lisa, a bodacious English broad with superpowers. The horny boys play a while with her, and she bring them to a Black blues bar where they get drunk. The next day, they go to the mall before a huge party at Wyatt’s place, where hundreds of kids get rockin’. A bunch of bikers eventually arrive to crash everything, but the dweebs kick them out. Their bravery impress two cute Valley girls who fall in love with them. Lisa cleans up everything and leaves.

That’s already pretty weird, but that’s not all. The film is full tilt 80s, with all those ridiculous clothes, laughable music and weird expressions. During the whole 90 minutes, messed up stuff keeps happening. And hey, it’s funny, real funny! John Hughes’ direction is uneven, but who cares? This is undoubtedly a crappy film, but an highly enjoyable one. Kelly LeBrock plays the babe. She is indeed real hot, but she ain’t at her best will that ugly 80s hairdo. Wyatt is played by Ian Mitchell-Smith, but the real star is Anthony Michael Hall, who played in all of Hughes’s biggest hits. He plays the geek perfectly, but you can see that it’s all an act. In some scenes, he’s as cool as it gets, like when he acts like a Black bluesman or when he tells off the freaky bikers. The film also features some of today’s big stars in supporting parts.

Bill Paxton is Chett, the asshole brother who eventually turns into a pile of crap (don’t ask). Even Robert Downey Jr pops in as one of the arrogant jocks. But my favorite has to be Vernon Wells, the brilliant actor who was Schwarzenegger’s nemesis Bennett in “Commando”. Here, the Australian actor plays a shotgun toting Apache biker. That guy should have a truck full of Oscars, he’s just so good. When he cracks closed his shotgun, you gotta see the expression on his face. Marvelous! Now, that’s acting! Anyway, you’ll love the film if you don’t take it seriously (how could anyone!) This is the kind of film that makes you think “Damn, it can’t get any weirder!” and it always does! I also like that the film is smarter than it sounds at first. It ain’t just dumb jokes, there’s a thought behind it, a take on highschool life. It really deserves its place in the VCR of any ’80s fan.