I love to laugh. You’re gonna say, “Hey jackass, who doesn’t?”. Well, you should watch your manners, mister. And what I was trying to say was that to most critics, comedy ain’t as worthy as drama. Nonsense, I say. Could Leonard Maltin make me laugh during 90 minutes? Anyway, “BASEketball” happens to be a hilarious movie which introduces to Hollywood one of the funniest duos of the 90s, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. They gave us the unique “Cannibal: The Musical!” and “Orgazmo”, as well as TV’s sickest show, South Park. And now, they’re in this big comedy from David Zucker, the mad genius behind classics like “Airplane!” and “The Naked Gun”.

The film is a spoof of all these supposedly inspiring sport movies, but also a satire of the over-commercialized world of professional sports. Parker and Stone star as two twentysomething losers who invent a stupid game somewhere between basketball and baseball. Anyone can play it since it doesn’t require any athletic ability. It’s all free throws. You’re also allowed to insult and/or disgust the other team to break their concentration. Their game soon grabs the attention of their friends and neighbors, and before long, BASEketball is the hottest game in America !

The plot evolves in a series of predictable twists which reminds of films like “Major League”, only more over the top. There’s a greedy businessman who wants to put more importance on profit, even if it sucks the fun out of the game. Parker has a fling with a Make A Wish-type charity girl played by Yasmine Bleeth. She’s way hot, but she takes her role way too seriously. Jenny McCarthy understands that this is a spoof, and she’s funny as well as babelicious in the role of the widow of the late owner of the Beers, Stone and Parker’s team. Speaking of babes, you got to see the cheerleaders! I can’t think of another Hollywood flick with that much girls in bras and thongs getting jiggy with it! The film also stars Dian Bachar, a very funny newcomer who was also “Cannibal: the Musical”. I don’t see him becoming a star, but he’s perfect as the annoying Little Bitch.

David Zucker’s direction is surprisingly good. The film is packed with references, side jokes, and I love the way that even the seemingly serious scenes lead to big laughs. It would be a crime to spoil any of them, but believe me, this film has little to envy to “There’s Something About Mary” when it comes to howlingly disgusting gags. Stone and Parker really steal the show. I don’t know if they were involved in anything besides the acting, but I don’t remember any of Zucker’s comedies being that crude and vulgar! In fact, the film’s humor reminds a lot of “South Park”. Anyway, just know that our Dynamic Duo is hysterically funny. They reminded me of one of my favorite pairs, Wayne and Garth. Personally, I dig Matt Stone and all, but I still think that Trey Parker is the most talented half of the team. He has true acting skills, and he has a screen presence strong enough to lead the film. That’s important, even for a comedy, because you got to care at least a bit about the hero. So basically, “BASEketball” is a grand slam!