Movie Infos
Title: Punch-Drunk Love
Rating: 4
Year: 2002
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Writer: PT Anderson
Adam Sandler
Emily Watson

Genre: Quirky Romance


LoveIt’s like Paul Thomas Anderson throws ten colored balls into the air… Watches them soar… Watches them fall back down in a frenzied mess… But he catches one, then another, and another… And all of the sudden it’s the most breathtaking juggling act; you’re sure he’ll drop the balls eventually, but he never does.Anderson takes the most tired and formulaic genre there is, the romantic comedy, and makes it utterly unpredictable, surreal even, yet more touching and beautiful than you could hope for. “Punch-Drunk Love” made me smile as much as Magnolia made me cry.

The film is bursting with light, sound and color. Literally! But it’s not just brilliantly designed and crafted, it’s also sincere and heartfelt beyond words. And it’s an Adam Sandler movie! Not just a movie which happens to star Sandler, a genuine Adam Sandler movie, down to the gentle man-child with a violent streak who is saved by a quirky but adoring and adorabl- woman thread that is common to most Sandler vehicles… Except that it’s totally deconstructed, then rearranged into something artful and unique.

Some won’t be able to connect with how different from anything you’ve ever seen “Punch-Drunk Love” is, but those who do will cherish it dearly.